How can I join this campaign?

You want to join the campaign and say NO to the dismantling of operas, orchestras and choruses.

Here is what you can do during the INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA WEEK (IOW):
– Download the FIM CALL leaflet in your preferred language and circulate it to the audience at all performances taking place during the IOW
– Deliver a speech before the concert starts and tell the audience what is at stake and why we need everyone’s support
– Add a special piece to the programme of the concert or, alternatively, dedicate one piece of the concert to all the orchestras currently under threat or in crisis
– Be present at the concert hall entrance with various communication material and welcome the audience with appropriate words
– Convoke a press conference

Here is what you can do between now and the INTERNATIONAL ORCHESTRA WEEK (IOW):
– Try and get orchestra managers and conductors to endorse the FIM CALL
– Add a banner to your website (get the html code from the ‘downloads’ menu)
– Add a banner to your E-mail signature (get the html code from the ‘downloads’ menu)
– Change your facebook profile picture for the IOW logo
– Develop a proactive campaign on facebook, twitter and other social media
– Gather video messages of support from artists and members of the public, to be made available on the FIM Youtube channel
– Launch a facebook “challenge”
– Get other organisations your network to join the campaign and express their support
– Circulate the information to conservatories and music schools

Please keep us updated about what you are doing for the campaign and send us your photos, videos and messages of support. We will publish them on the campaign website.